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When it’s time to come home from the hospital or rehabilitation, Age Well’s Care Transition team can guide your road to recovery. Services are provided to those 60 and over (regardless of income) and aim to reduce costly and avoidable hospital readmission.

In preparation for discharge, we will administer a wellness assessment, communicate with providers, assist with medication reconciliation (HomeMeds), and develop an action plan to create a continuum of care.

Transitioning after a hospital visit can be hard work—we come to this process with expertise, patience, and the commitment to make your return home a successful one. Are you in need of support? Please call our Helpline: 1-800-642-5119.



As part of Care Transitions, Age Well offers HomeMeds, an evidence-based, in-home medication management tool. This program identifies risks and ensures that current medications are being appropriately taken and updated.   pdf Click here to download more information about the HomeMeds program. (241 KB)

5 easy steps to safer medication routines:

  1. Age Well's transition team conducts a risk screening to identify potential errors and medication-related problems.
  2. Any potential medication risks or identified problems alert the Case Manager to notify Age Well's designated pharmacist.
  3. The pharmacist reviews and develops an action plan of recommendations to address the identified alerts.
  4. The pharmacist advises the client or caregiver and the Case Manager of the medication concerns so that they can be discussed with the physician.
  5. Physicians are able to review all compiled data and update the client’s treatment regime if an issue is revealed.

Medication related problems and errors are...

  • Serious: They cause approximately 7000 deaths per year in the US.
  • Costly: Annual cost of drug-related illness and death exceeds $170 billion.
  • Common: Up to 48% of community-dwelling elders have medication-related problems.
  • Preventable: At least 25% of all medication-related accidents and health problems are preventable. If you have patients or loved ones who may benefit from this service, please contact the Helpline at 1-800-642-5119 to learn more.

Note: all alerts, physician responses and medication changes are recorded to keep a detailed medication record.


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